The world of video has changed. Your organisation and it’s audience requires more than just a one-off video.


Ape Digital provides a 360 degree serviceVideo Production + Online Strategy... to drive your content across multiple platforms, engaging your audience repeatedly and maximising it's effectiveness.


I want to help ethical businesses and charities because I believe in making a difference in the world is fundamentally important and want to work with people that have the same ethos.


Think of Ape Digital as your organisation’s trusted Video Campaign partner.


What APE does

Content is king and as a passionate Filmmaker &  Visual Content Creator, I'm determined to accelerate your organisation’s message through the power of engaging video storytelling.


Partnering with Ape Digital will ensure your audience has a continued source of visual communications to increase your sales revenue or supportership.


How APE does it

Collaborate with you to devise your ideal Video Campaign


Strategize... plan it’s life-cycle


Create it's compelling content

Manage the campaign

Leverage it’s reach and effectiveness



46% of consumers watch more video ads on social media than on TV.

73% of consumers say a brand's social media presence has an impact on a purchase decision.

48% of consumers say a brand video on social media has impacted a purchase decision.

                                                                                                                           Source: Animoto survey




Promote your Brand

Provide wonder


Company updates


Recruitment drives


Internal comms



Product & Services

Supporters & Donors

Lead Generation

Increase Traffic

Develop Conversations





Staff Training




Skills & Safety Training


Animated Explainers

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